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Axiomatizations in Game Theory

Pécs, Hungary

1-2 September 2017.

Update on 25 September: slides available, too, from here:
Resources for participants

About the workshop

The workshop was organized by the newly founded Game Theory and Quantum Information Research Group at University of Pécs, Hungary. University of Pécs is celebrating its 650th anniversary. The participation at the workshop is free. The workhop registration is still open, and you may still submit contributions.

The focus of the workshop is cooperative game theory, particulary axiomatic approaches in cooperative game theory. Submissions on cooperative games are welcome. Besides invited sessions regular and poster sessions are intended.


The program of the conference is available here:
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(Updated on 31 Aug. 2017.)


The workshop was held in the building of the Pécs Committee of Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The address is:

Pécs, Jurisics Miklós u. 44, 7624

Practical information

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Miklós Pintér
and Mátyás Koniorczyk
on behalf of the organizers